Where Can You Buy Petoskey Stones?

petoskey stone from lake michigan

Petoskey Stones are fossils. Today it’s an official stone of Michigan but 350 million years ago, it used to be a coral found in the sea which used to cover the area of modern Michigan. Now, Petoskey Stone is fossilized corals of the family of Hexagonaria percarinata. It’s evident that various animals lived in the coral in a colony because in every hexagon there can be found the remains of prehistoric marine life.


Petoskey Stone is unique by its structure, consisting of six-sided tightly packed corallites which used to be living coral polyps skeletons. In the center of each polyp, there was a mouth with tentacles which would reach for food. Hallmarks of this fossil include the hexagon shape of the cells and thin lines going out of the dark eye.

Origin and Where To Find

The name “Petoskey Stone” comes from the area where the stone was found for the first time. It comes from an Ottawa Indian legend about a French man who married an Ottawa Indian princess when he visited the area which we now know as Petoskey area. When they had a son they named him Petosegay which meant “rising sun”. Eventually, the town grew into a region which people named after Petosegay, adapting the name to English as Petoskey.

Petoskey Stones can be found in a few areas along the shore of Lake Michigan. In fact, Petoskey Stone hunting is a rather popular thing and it’s very common to see people looking for a treasure on the shore of Lake Michigan. However, not all of the locations allow removal of the stone from its spot.

The areas where the stone can be found include Petoskey State Park, Lake Michigan Beach, Beaver Island, Empire Beach, Orchard Beach State Park, Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore and more.

Buying a Petoskey Stone

If you wish to buy Petoskey Stone rather than finding it, there are multiple great stores and souvenir shops selling the stones. Some of them sell the unpolished Petoskey Stone if you are interested in crafting something out of it yourself. Other shops, on the other hand, sell the stone already made into a beautiful and handy souvenir. They polish, cut, process and frame the stone in a way that it looks appealing and remains intact for a long time.

Petoskey Stones can be purchased in the form of keychains, cabinet knobs, worry stones, magnets, clocks, ornaments, jewelry, wine stoppers, and more. You can also buy Petoskey Stones as a small souvenir which you can put in your wallet, as a collegiate stone, or just a polished stone.

Of course, Petoskey Stones can be bought from widely popular portals such as eBay or Amazon. There are also usually available in the local souvenir shops which you can find while traveling in particular areas.

If you would like to get one of the Petoskey Stones to add to your collection, you can as well consider finding it by yourself. Otherwise, you can Contact Us to purchase these wonderful Michigan beach stones.

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