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7 Fun Things To Do In Petoskey, MI While On Vacation

 It may not have the booming populations of Lansing or Detroit; but the small city of Petoskey, perched upon the shores of Little Traverse Bay, is nonetheless a place that ought to feature prominently on your travel itinerary during your trip to Michigan. A quiet resort town, after all, has to be one of the best places from which to soak in the natural wonders of the state – and on top of that, there’s so very much to do. Below, we’ve gathered just seven of your many options for your Petoskey visit. 7 Things To Do In Petoskey 1. Petoskey State Park Of course, our first stop had to be an outdoorsy spot. It’s the first place any...

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5 Tips for Finding Petoskey Stones

Petoskey stones are easily the most known beach rocks of Michigan. These unique coral fossil stones are found by rockhounds throughout Michigan and are used to make beautiful Petoskey Stone jewelry, decor, and pieces of art. So, next time you're walking along the beach in Northern Michigan, look down and you may just find a Petoskey stone. Here are some great tips to help you in your search for this lovely Michigan gem! 1. Know Your Petoskey Stones Finding this fossil stone won’t happen just anywhere! Keep your eyes peeled for limestone rock strata – mixtures of limestone and shale. The stones are named for the area in which they are most often found. These stones are most prevalent in the Traverse Group...

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