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5 Tips for Finding Petoskey Stones

Petoskey stones are easily the most known beach rocks of Michigan. These unique coral fossil stones are found by rockhounds throughout Michigan and are used to make beautiful Petoskey Stone jewelry, decor, and pieces of art. So, next time you're walking along the beach in Northern Michigan, look down and you may just find a Petoskey stone. Here are some great tips to help you in your search for this lovely Michigan gem! 1. Know Your Petoskey Stones Finding this fossil stone won’t happen just anywhere! Keep your eyes peeled for limestone rock strata – mixtures of limestone and shale. The stones are named for the area in which they are most often found. These stones are most prevalent in the Traverse Group...

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Where Can You Buy Petoskey Stones?

Petoskey Stones are fossils. Today it’s an official stone of Michigan but 350 million years ago, it used to be a coral found in the sea which used to cover the area of modern Michigan. Now, Petoskey Stone is fossilized corals of the family of Hexagonaria percarinata. It’s evident that various animals lived in the coral in a colony because in every hexagon there can be found the remains of prehistoric marine life. Appearance Petoskey Stone is unique by its structure, consisting of six-sided tightly packed corallites which used to be living coral polyps skeletons. In the center of each polyp, there was a mouth with tentacles which would reach for food. Hallmarks of this fossil include the hexagon shape...

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What Is A Petoskey Stone? Facts, Legend, & Polishing

A Petoskey Stone is a combination of a rock and a fossil which was living during the Devonian period. After this period, the glacial ice would loosen stones from the bedrock and having ground off their edges and polished them, deposit them on what is now the Northwestern portion of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula. Appearance   Although when these stones are dry, they resemble regular limestone, when they are wet or polished they display a pattern which reveals six-sided coral fossils. In the area as the Petoskey Stones are found, other fossilized corals have been found including some with complete coral colony heads which had been fossilized. The stones are often polished to make uniquely decorated objects such as Petoskey Stone jewelry. The...

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