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Leland Blue Stone: Michigan's History & Where To Find One

Are you a treasure hunter who's seeking some of Michigan's unique beach stones? Perhaps, you're walking along the lake with your head down, and you notice a distinctive blue colored rock. You pick it up, pull out your smartphone to help identify the stone, and low and behold you determine this treasure to be a Leland Blue Stone! Now you have a beautiful stone that can be added to your rock collection or used to create Leland Blue jewelry. What is a Leland Blue Stone? Leland Blue Stone is not a stone. It is slag, a by-product of smelting iron ore.  During a short period, time from 1870 to 1885, iron ore was mined in Northern Michigan, and shipped to a...

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What Is A Petoskey Stone? Facts, Legend, & Polishing

A Petoskey Stone is a combination of a rock and a fossil which was living during the Devonian period. After this period, the glacial ice would loosen stones from the bedrock and having ground off their edges and polished them, deposit them on what is now the Northwestern portion of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula. Appearance   Although when these stones are dry, they resemble regular limestone, when they are wet or polished they display a pattern which reveals six-sided coral fossils. In the area as the Petoskey Stones are found, other fossilized corals have been found including some with complete coral colony heads which had been fossilized. The stones are often polished to make uniquely decorated objects such as Petoskey Stone jewelry. The...

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