Leland Blue Stone Jewelry for Those Who Love Northern Michigan

leland blue jewelry - adjustable silver ring

Everybody loves jewelry but many people like to wear jewelry which does more than looking good, it also makes a statement and so perhaps the people from Northern Michigan are lucky in so far as there is jewelry that looks not only good but also says loud and clear, “I am from Michigan.” That piece of jewelry which means that though is not one specific piece but a wide selection of jewelry pieces provided they include a Leland Blue Stone.

About Leland Blue Stones

Leland Blue is unique to Michigan and in particular to the area surrounding Leland where in the 1800s there was a large iron smelting industry. During the smelting process, impurities are burnt out of the iron and form what is called slag which is of no use financially. The slag was thrown into the waters of the lake where it was left for nature to continue its course. Over the years sand and water would tumble over the slag, breaking it up into stone size pieces. The continuing actions of the waves and sand polished these stones and made them smooth.

Unique Colors & Appearance

Although Leland Blue could be reasonably expected to be blue, given their name, they can vary quite significantly in color from a dark purple to green. They can also vary in look greatly as many are subject to pitting, giving them the appearance of being bubbled while others appear to have not a single blemish or ‘bubble.’ Once any of these stones have been polished though, they are ideal for ornaments or more commonly jewelry.

How Leland Blue Is Used For Handmade Jewelry

These stones and others like them are considered gemstones but Leland Blue stones are relatively soft compared with other gemstones, and so they are generally used more for earrings or pendants as they usually receive as rough treatment as they would be they made into bracelets or rings. As the stones though come in a variety of sizes, some of them are used as beads to make jewelry and are perhaps matched with pearls, alternating one then the other.

Although Leland Blue say Michigan, as that is the only place in the world they can be found, other stones like the state stone, the Petoskey Stone are native only to Michigan. You can find unique jewelry which contains both Leland Blue and a Petoskey Stone to create a singularly unique piece of Michigan jewelry. One that not only says I am from Michigan but shouts it loud and clear.

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