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5 Tips for Finding Petoskey Stones

Petoskey stones are easily the most known beach rocks of Michigan. These unique coral fossil stones are found by rockhounds throughout Michigan and are used to make beautiful jewelry, decor, and pieces of art. So, next time you're walking along the beach in Northern Michigan, look down and you may just find a Petoskey stone. Here are some great tips to help you in your search for this lovely Michigan gem! 1. Know Your Petoskey Stones Finding this fossil stone won’t happen just anywhere! Keep your eyes peeled for limestone rock strata – mixtures of limestone and shale. The stones are named for the area in which they are most often found. These stones are most prevalent in the Traverse Group in Michigan’s...

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Where Can You Buy Petoskey Stones?

Petoskey Stones are fossils. Today it’s an official stone of Michigan but 350 million years ago, it used to be a coral found in the sea which used to cover the area of modern Michigan. Now, Petoskey Stone is fossilized corals of the family of Hexagonaria percarinata. It’s evident that various animals lived in the coral in a colony because in every hexagon there can be found the remains of prehistoric marine life. Appearance Petoskey Stone is unique by its structure, consisting of six-sided tightly packed corallites which used to be living coral polyps skeletons. In the center of each polyp, there was a mouth with tentacles which would reach for food. Hallmarks of this fossil include the hexagon shape...

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Leland Blue Stone Jewelry for Those Who Love Northern Michigan

Everybody loves jewelry but many people like to wear jewelry which does more than looking good, it also makes a statement and so perhaps the people from Northern Michigan are lucky in so far as there is jewelry that looks not only good but also says loud and clear, “I am from Michigan.” That piece of jewelry which means that though is not one specific piece but a wide selection of jewelry pieces provided they include a Leland Blue Stone. About Leland Blue Stones Leland Blue is unique to Michigan and in particular to the area surrounding Leland where in the 1800s there was a large iron smelting industry. During the smelting process, impurities are burnt out of the iron...

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5 Unique Michigan Stones & Where To Find Them

Lake Superior and Lake Michigan both provide some of the most unique gemstones known for local jewelers, artists, and rockhounds. Handmade Michigan jewelry has become a cottage industry in the towns and cities along the Great Lakes. Much of this industry is focused on the popular gemstones of the area. This jewelry is as unique as the snowflakes that fall there in the winter. Just as no snowflake is the same as another, each handmade piece of Michigan jewelry is unique.  Each stone is known for its unique qualities and we've covered five favorites!   Petoskey Stone Photo Credit: Petoskey Area Visitors Bureau For instance, the Petoskey Stone, Michigan’s “state stone” named as such in 1965, is a coral fossil. These...

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What Is A Puddingstone & Where Do You Find It?

Puddingstone is a conglomerate consisting of sharply contrasting by color pebbles of a round shape encircled by sandy or cement surrounding. It is also known by the names of pudding stone, plumb-pudding stone. In New Zealand, it is known as Puddingstone rock. It has been called so for its visual resemblance to the plum pudding or Christmas pudding (or a raisin). Puddingstones date way back to the Huronian Period of the Proterozoic Era. Puddingstones are believed to be one of the rarest rocks in the world, although, it can rather easily be found in some places on the planet. The rock appears in a great variety of sizes from just a few inches to several feet. It consists of small...

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